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Exorcism Dream Meanings

What does Exorcism mean in dream?

Exorcism | Dream Meanings

Spiritually exorcism depicts a rite or ceremony deliberately designed to get rid of negativity and evil. It was specifically designed to expel evil spirits, but now has the symbolism of getting rid of negativity.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: When emotion becomes unbearable, specific action needs to be taken to exorcise the bad feeling. In dreams we can find ourselves banishing evil, which gives us the clarity to function properly.

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Material aspects: Dreaming of exorcism suggests that there is a situation or occurrence in waking life that needs dealing with promptly. Whether we choose to use dramatic methods is a choice we must make.

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See “loosed” and “spirits”

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1. One feels sinful, in need of cleansing.

2. Someone is mentally ill.

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Symbolic of spiritual warfare in the authority of Christ, Mark 3:14-15

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To dream that you or others are being exorcised indicates your attempts to take back power within your life. Also, you may need to accept responsibility for the things you have done rather than seeking to assign blame.

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To dream that you or others are being exorcised of evil spirits, often symbolizes the dreamer’s initiative to regain control and take steps toward the direction of your goals. However, this dream could also mean that you are not taking responsibility for your own actions.

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