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Exercise Dream Meanings

What does Exercise mean in dream?

Exercise | Dream Meanings

Exertion to bring about something desired

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. If doing exercises, raises the question as to whether more real-life exercise is needed.

2. Indicates more mental exercising is required.

3. Be more cautious, tactful.

4. If exercis­ing with weights, indicates the need to lose or gain weight in life.

New American Dream Dictionary by
This might be called an obstacle dream.

If you enjoy the vigorous Exercise, all will be well. But if you feel tired, then beware of money losses.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of exercise represent a desire to get moving, to exercise your beliefs and thoughts, and get blood flowing in the areas that have been sedentary. This dream may be a message for you to exercise your rights, your vote, or your say in the matter at hand.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream about exercising is an omen of good luck if you enjoyed it. But if it was tiring or unpleasant, the dream is a warning to avoid forcing any issues - don’t push or try to get an answer out of someone for a few weeks. Also see “Treadmill.”

My Dream Interpretation by
Fix mind-pattern.

Expansions Dream Dictionary by