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Evolution Dream Meanings

What does Evolution mean in dream?

Evolution | Dream Meanings

Evolution in the spiritual sense is the opening out to a new and better state of being.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: To experience evolution in dreams is to be part of a process of growth.

To evolve is to progress from one stage of existence to another.

The whole process of dreaming could in itself be said to be a process of evolution, particularly when we dream in series.

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Material aspects: Dreaming of evolution and its associated issues such as the natural development of flora and fauna can be a way of reminding ourselves of the steps needed to develop a project from start to finish.

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A rebel is someone who sets his face against the norms of society and held belief, so spiritually is one who cannot accept given teachings.

A revolution takes place when a number of rebels can bring about a change in belief.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: We will only rebel if we feel sufficiently strongly about something.

For there to be a rebel or anarchist in our dreams suggests that we have allowed that part of ourselves a ‘voice’. We can then understand it and decide on the validity of the feelings.

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Material aspects: In working situations we are not often able to express our rebelliousness, perhaps at being asked to perform a particular task we don’t consider necessary. As a dream character we can find out from the rebel what it is that is really disturbing us.

A rebellion or revolution would occur in dreams if a position became completely untenable. Consult the entry for conflict for further clarification.

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1. Extreme changes in the offing, often regarding situa­tions or circumstances.

2. A need or desire for fundamental changes.

3. Nonconformity, going against society.

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See King, Government.

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Vision: Watching a revolution: unexpected, disruptive events will interfere with your life. Sometimes this is also a visionary dream that you might have prior to actual political unrest. Participating in a revolution: you are instigating a fight that will bring turmoil into your life. See Rebel.

Depth Psychology: Due to external circumstances, you will face far-reaching changes in your life. Additional information can be gleaned from the rest of the dream.

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If you dream about a revolution then it is time for a drastic change in your life. Energy that you’ve suppressed can no longer be contained. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.

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