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Eros Dream Meanings

What does Eros mean in dream?

Eros | Dream Meanings

If your dream featured an aerosol can, there is something in your past that you need to hold on to and preserve.

The dream may also symbolize how you “can” do something. Don’t underestimate your abilities and talents.

If you dreamed of spraying the can, you will soon get some good news or learn some secret knowledge. However, if the can in your dream was empty, discarded, or you threw it away, you may have serious money troubles ahead - start saving!

My Dream Interpretation by
To dream of the Greek God Eros, a.k.a. Cupid, represents the honeymoon stage of love, love at first sight, passion, creative inspiration, and lust. Love is on the way, so get ready for your heart to be pierced by the arrows of love.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
The “wearing away” in one’s life by time or neglect; research details

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Erosion being the wearing down of a hard substance, it symbolizes submission to higher spiritual forces or principles.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Psychological / emotional perspective: Extreme emotion can be very wearing, so often when we are under stress we can dream, for instance, of a river eroding its banks or of the sea wearing away a cliff.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: Such an image can suggest that, by perseverance, we are able to overcome difficulties. There may not be an immediate solution to a problem, but by working away at it, it can be solved.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
(Horse; Kindness) Generosity or openhandedness in a dream means acknowledgment of God’s favors and expressing one’s gratitude for them. Generosity in a dream also could represent the return to noble thinking, proper moral conduct, good character and finding guidance after heedlessness.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Spiritual power

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Small warmth and poor side effects.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Vision: Looking at a can of kerosene: meeting a certain person might be useful but unpleasant. Lighting a kerosene lamp is a warning about too much foolishness. Spilling kerosene: a relationship based solely on opportunism is coming to an end. See OU.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Dreams of kerosene are symbolic of the fuel for passion, the catalyst for the fire of your creativity, passion, sexuality and transformation. This dream denotes your desire to raise the level of intensity in your current relationship or business endeavor.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream that you see a rhinoceros, foretells you will have a great loss threatening you, and that you will have secret troubles.

To kill one, shows that you will bravely overcome obstacles.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A “thick-skinned” person who is unaffected by the negative

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Business matters and activities.

2. An aggressive personality, highly focused, straightforward and seemingly impenetrable.

3. Sexual energy, prowess, usually male.

New American Dream Dictionary by
In a dream, a rhinoceros represents a great king or a powerful ruler.

If one sees himself milking a rhinoceros in a dream, it denotes money one may earn from such a great person. Riding a rhinoceros in a dream means rising above such a ruler, or it could mean betraying him.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A rhino brings the message to charge ahead in order to break through the barriers that are in the way of achieving your goals. It may call you to incorporate a more aggressive method or attitude to get the job done. Rhino never takes no for an answer, achieving results through his sheer brute force.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
This animal predicts that, by patient attention to your present work, you will reach the goal toward which you are aiming, If you dream of killing one, the dream is just that much more auspicious.

The Complete Dream Book by
Vision: The rhinoceros is a warning: use good sense and don’t rush headlong toward your goal. In a man’s dream, the rhinoceros means that he would like to have more sexual stamina.

Depth Psychology: While this animal is a symbol for external power and might, its insides do not match its imposing appearance. Does this also apply to you? Do you feel inferior to people who are as imposing as the rhinoceros? Either way, ambition or feelings of inferiority could be a problem in sexual relationships and need to be addressed.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream of a rhinoceros represents a firm standing about a matter at hand. You know what you want and you will not take no for an answer. Stay focused and persistent in pursuing your goals. You also need to display increased drive in your endeavors.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Success in business affairs, but delays and disillusion to those in love.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of a rhinoceros are a message that you have the power to move mountains. Your dream may be giving you the message to make sure that you are channeling your power in the direction of what you really want to manifest.

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