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Ermine Dream Meanings

What does Ermine mean in dream?

Ermine | Dream Meanings

Showing one’s seriousness is genuine

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
To dream that you wear this beautiful and costly raiment, denotes exaltation, lofty character and wealth forming a barrier to want and misery.

To see others thus clothed, you will be associated with wealthy people, polished in literature and art.

For a lover to see his sweetheart clothed in ermine, is an omen of purity and faithfulness.

If the ermine is soiled, the reverse is indicated.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
If wearing, desire to be well-off.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Rise to honor and dignity; gorgeous state awaits this dream (Gypsy). The ermine symbolizes royalty.

The Fabric of Dream by
High honors for an achievement may be expected from a dream of this costly fur.

The Complete Dream Book by
This signifies a letter from, or some association with those of high rank; but to the sick, a slow recovery.

Mystic Dream Book by
if a person sees himself as not being able to determine the Qiblah, it implies that he is confused and astray in matters of religion.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by