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Equal Equality Dream Meanings

What does Equal Equality mean in dream?

Equal / Equality | Dream Meanings

Any image that portrays things as being equal suggests that there is an intrinsic state of balance; spiritually, matters are as they should be.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Equal suggests ‘the same as’ and also implies that a comparison has been made. This may be whether a particular dream emotion is valid or not, or even if we have come across similar circumstances before.

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Material aspects: Any dream of equality can highlight our relationships with siblings or with work colleagues. We may have issues that cannot be properly dealt with in waking life, and therefore our mind will try to resolve these concerns through dreams.

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Gives gender - specific: As women’s equality has become more important, women may dream of perceived unfairness, whereas men may feel themselves to be threatened or under pressure. As equality is established, both may dream of the right to self-expression.

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Exposed in order to bring about equality

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