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Envelope Dream Meanings

What does Envelope mean in dream?

Envelope | Dream Meanings

Envelopes seen in a dream, omens news of a sorrowful cast.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Expecting good or bad news.

2. Desire to keep a secret.

3. About to reveal a secret to someone.

4. Sense of being “sealed off ” or isolated.

5. Fear of unknown.

6. Desire to push oneself to achieve a difficult goal.

7. Unopened envelope indicates an un­solved problem of some sort.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Cover; Embrace; Postal package) An envelope in a dream means money, except ifit is sealed, then it means travels. In a dream, an envelope also means victory in one’s life, attainment of one’s goal, learning about a pleasant story, or it could represent a vessel, money, or knowledge.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Mail or letters usually come in envelopes. When we see envelopes in our dreams, we are typically dreaming about receiving news, information, or messages from someone specific or from the world at large.

If you are the individual that looks forward to mail, this dream may be positive. However, if you dread the envelopes which typically hold the monthly bills, then this dream may have negative and anxiety provoking symbolism. Typically however, dreaming about receiving letters has positive and at times spiritual connotations. You may be coming into awareness about some aspect of your life where you make new realizations and get to the “truth” of things. Some believe that seeing many unopened envelopes in your dreams may represent missed opportunities.

The Bedside Dream Dictionary by
Dreaming of an envelope symbolizes you are about to receive news, information, or messages from someone specific. Dreaming of envelopes may also denote that you are coming into awareness about some aspect of your life, where you make new realizations and get to the “truth” of things. Some believe that seeing many unopened envelopes in your dreams, may represent missed opportunities.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation by
See Letter, Post Office. Are you expecting an important announcement?

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
To address an envelope means you will soon meet with that person.

If you receive an envelope, you will have an opportunity.

If you mail an envelope, you will do someone a favor which they will appreciate and later repay See also Letters and Address.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Receiving a blank envelope in a dream may point to a hidden message or a hidden agenda. It may also comment that you feel enveloped in some purpose or project. It may represent the condition of your skin as a protective covering.

A brown envelope may represent a tan.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Dreams of an envelope represent that a important and surprising message is forthcoming. Pay attention to the contents inside because you are about to uncover a mystery and a secret.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
An unopened envelope in a dream means the dreamer has missed an opportunity. Opening an envelope is lucky and means that you are about to experience a triumph in real life.

My Dream Interpretation by
Closed Envelopes represent difficulties.

If you can open the Envelope and remove the contents, then some worry will be smoothed away.

Mystic Dream Book by