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Entrails Dream Meanings

What does Entrails mean in dream?

Entrails | Dream Meanings

To dream of the human entrails, denotes horrible misery and despair, shutting out all hope of happiness.

To dream of the entrails of a wild beast, signifies the overthrow of your mortal enemy.

To tear the entrails of another, signifies cruel persecutions to further your own interests.

To dream of your own entrails, the deepest despair will overwhelm you.

To dream of the entrails of your own child, denotes that the child’s, or your own, dissolution is at hand. See Intestines.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Willingness to make a sacrifice to achieve a certain end.

2. One’s life is a convoluted mess.

3. Read the future.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A bad dream auguring sickness (Gypsy). Here the dream analysts agree with the gypsies on the ground of physical stimuli as causing this dream.

The Fabric of Dream by