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Elixir Dream Meanings

What does Elixir mean in dream?

Elixir | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Dreams of an elixir represent alchemy; you are changing and transforming from the inside out.

The elixir that you dream of ingesting is reacquainting you with your divine nature, eternal youth and your healing abilities.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
In alchemy an elixir is capable of prolonging life and of transmuting base metal into gold. In spiritual terms, therefore, it is the power of transformation.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Psychological / emotional perspective: A substance such as an elixir, which has undergone several processes to reach a state of purity, symbolizes a process of psychological change which many people go through, bringing understanding of ourselves and others.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: In mundane terms an elixir is a distillation of the essence of things, so can signify the need to return to basics and simplify matters in order to find the most efficient solution.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
To dream of the elixir of life, denotes that there will come into your environments new pleasures and new possibilities.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by