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Egan Dream Meanings

What does Egan mean in dream?

Egan | Dream Meanings

Zealous spirit

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Desire to dress and act better so one can be a member of society.

2. Desire to get more respect.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Culture; Handsomeness; Refinement; Sophistication) To see oneself handsome, elegant or sophisticated in a dream signifies distress, trouble, false accusations, abstinence, or it could mean freedom.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Small one of great courage, ardent spirit

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Victorious spirit, mighty one

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Little king

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Dreams of a Vegan or Vegetarian signify that you are paying close attention to the energy you are taking in and ingesting, in touch with your natural drives and instincts, taking responsibility for the care of your animal instincts and of those that need your care. See Vegetable.

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