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Easy Dream Meanings

What does Easy mean in dream?

Easy | Dream Meanings

Chair-a position of authority over a family or power within an organization, Song. 3:9

Christian Dream Symbols by
You have been working too hard and deserve a vacation.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
1- Grease in a dream makes us aware that we perhaps have not taken as much care in a situation as we should have done. We have created circumstances which do not give us an adv antage and could be ‘slippery’ or uncomfortable.

2- We should use better judgement before putting ourselves at risk. Grease may also signify making things easier for ourselves.

3- Grease has two spiritual meanings in dreams. It may represent either simplicity or contamination. It will be up to the dreamer, depending on the other circumstances in the dream to decide which applies.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
Revealing a need for better judgment

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Dreams of a speak-easy symbolize feelings and secrets that you have kept hidden beneath the radar. This dream could symbolize that you are feeling confident enough to speak easily about your underground feelings that are beginning to reveal themselves. You are recognizing the social masks you wear as a front to cover your true feelings. See Integration Dreams.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
A warning to be cautious; discernment is trustworthy in a dream

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by