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Eastwood Clint Dream Meanings

What does Eastwood Clint mean in dream?

Eastwood, Clint | Dream Meanings

Like Zeus on Mount Olympus, former president Bill Clinton was responsible for the fate of humanity while he was in office. And like Zeus, Bill is known for his infidelity. He may appear in a dream to express your own leadership qualities. However, he may also point to the embarrassment of a public blunder.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Head of the estate

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Desire to be unafraid of and able to handle any­thing.

New American Dream Dictionary by
As a powerful first lady, noble and loyal, she emerges as the goddess Hera who values the institution of mamage above any other attribute of feminine concern. Whether slit: admits it or not, Mrs. Clinton’s motto is “Stand by youi man.’’ She might arrive to comment on your loyalty to a relationship despite infidelity, embarrassment, and betrayal.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by