Meaning of Departing in Dream

What does a Departing mean in your dream?

What does dreaming of Departing mean? What do Departing symbolize in dreams?

Example: ‘I was leaving some people, like at a junior school. Some of the children tried to detain me, with the attitude that I was defying teacher’s authority, and they restrained me with the rules they restrained themselves with. I broke free and walked off’ (Timothy). As in the example, a breaking away from old or habitual patterns of behaviour, leaving a situation, such as a relationship, a financial set-up or work; the struggle to become independent as in leaving home. Sometimes desire to get away from responsibility or difficul­ties. Can also refer to death, perhaps when we see a spouse walking away from us, or departing on a journey. This is not necessarily a prediction, but confronting the situation. Idioms: new departure, the departed (dead); leave in the lurch; leave someone to it, left holding the baby.

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What Does Departing Mean In Dream?

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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1- To be departing from a known situation such as leaving home indicates a breaking away from old or habitual patterns of behaviour. We may need to give ourselves the freedom to be independent.

2- We may have a strong desire to get away from responsibility or difficulties, but must be careful how we handle it.

3- Conscious rejection of the past can be represented by departure in a dream.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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