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Deformity Dream Meaning

What does a Deformity mean in your dream?

What does an Deformity symbolize?

What does dreaming of Deformity mean?

What do Deformity represent in dreams?

Dreams of deformity symbolize that there is an aspect of you that you have not yet embraced. Perhaps this is an aspect that you are ashamed of because it does not fit the status quo.

An abnormal growth or development could mean an aspect of your genius that has not yet been integrated and/or accepted by you. Acceptance has to begin with you. See Cripple.

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Deformity • What Does Deformity Mean In Dream?

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A spiritual flaw that needs spiritual help; research anatomical location


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Parts of self may require attention.

2. An aspect of personality is improperly “shaped,” perhaps even stunted.

3. Un­expressed feelings of shame.


Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are Deformed signifies shame and sorrow.