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Dandelion Dream Meaning

What does a Dandelion mean in your dream?

What does an Dandelion symbolize?

What does dreaming of Dandelion mean?

What do Dandelion represent in dreams?

Dandelions blossoming in green foliage, foretells happy unions and prosperous surroundings.

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Dandelion • What Does Dandelion Mean In Dream?

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Worldly pleasures that, like weeds, choke out the flowers in our lives; see “flowers”


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Extreme joy and contentment is in the offing—often in intimate relationships, often in friendships.

2. Lucky in love.

3. Possible illness (to eat dandelion).


The Fabric of Dream

This dream denotes secret enemies at work against you (Gypsy) ; interpretation probably derived from the fact that the farmers regard the flower as a nuisance.


Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Dandelions glowing in a sunlit meadow denotes a happy life for you with your new spouse.

To see yourself eating them or drinking dandelion tea is a sign you should have a physical checkup.


The Language of Dreams

(see Field, Flowers)

Folkjoric: Hospitality. It was once believed that rubbing your body with the. juice of a dandelion would ensure your welcome anywhere.

Victorian: In the language of flowers, this blossom represents ancient oracles and messages. Review the missives you’ve received lately. They may have greater meaning than you suspected.

Male fertility. Tlie white juice of this plant was often used to represent abundant semen.

The amazing potential in simplicity. This pesky weed has a variety of uses, including salads from the leaves, coffee from the roots, and wine from the flowers!


The Complete Dream Book

A rich show of blossoming dandelions is a good omen for those who are in love, but blossoms that have gone to seed portend troubie ahead.


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of dandelions suggests that you will encounter wonderful and heartwarming conditions in the future for you and the love of your life.

To dream about eating dandelions indicates that you should tend to your own fitness better or you will have to deal with the negative aspects in the future.


Encyclopedia of Dreams

Dandelions glowing in a sunlit meadow denotes a happy life for you with your new spouse.

To see yourself eating them or drinking dandelion tea is a sign that unless you do something about it, your health will soon suffer.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a dandelion symbolize an oracle or fortune telling device. Perhaps you are curious about the outcome of your future. Keep in mind that the best way to ensure a successful future is to be completely present and -expressed today. See Flower and Precognitive Dreams.


My Dream Interpretation

Dreams of dandelions are a good relationship omen. They foretell of pleasurable surroundings and a joyous future for you and your boyfriend or crush.


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Represent false friends.

If there are a lot of dandelions . .. watch out!


The Complete Dream Book

A dream of these flowers is a forerunner of some kind of embarrassing experience. Worn in a buttonhole, they are a sign that you will be ridiculed.


Mystic Dream Book

These common yellow flowers are fortunate for love affairs or married life.