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What does Cupid mean in dream?

Cupid | Dream Meanings

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The Fabric of Dream

A dream of love and happiness (Artemidorus). ... The Fabric of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The god Cupid is always an erotic symbol. Vision + Depth Psychology: Cupid is an ancient dream motif. Cupid shooting an arrow at someone: stay out of the affairs of other people. Cupid shooting an arrow at you: a new romance is right around the corner and, while not permanent, will be a flirtatious, sexual adventure.... Dreamers Dictionary

Strangest Dream Explanations

See Eros and Love.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To see cupid in your dream represents a love relationship in your waking life. Cupid’s appearance in your dream may mean that you need to take a risk in love.... My Dream Interpretation