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Crescent | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(New moon) If the new crescent appears in its correct position in a dream, it means begetting a blessed son or receiving an important appointment or profits from one’s business. Seeing the gathering of several crescents in a dream means attending the pilgrimage to Mecca.

A red crescent in a dream means a miscarriage.

If a crescent falls to the earth in a dream, it means a newborn. Seeing the new crescent when everyone else is looking an failing to .LV’” see it in a dream represents one’s death, or it could mean that one will be aberrant and corrupt during that year of his life. Seeing the new moon at a time other than the time of its birth in a dream means happy news, glad tidings, the home returning of a long awaited traveller or having a newborn.

The birth of a new moon in a dream also denotes the truth of one’s promise, or it could mean receiving money, for rent is usually due at the beginning of each month.

The appearance of the new moon or crescent in the wrong position, such as in the South or the North in a dream means committing or witnessing a despicable action that arouses abhorrence and that may die quickly, depending on how long will that new crescent remain in that position.

The new crescent in a dream also represents a leader, an unexpected happy news or it could represent the cry of a newborn or a rebel.

If the new crescent stands surrounded with a gloomy darkness, or if water or blood dribbles away from it, even if there is no rain during that night in the dream, it denotes the arrival of a traveler from his journey or the climbing of a muezzin to the minaret to call for prayers or the standing of a preacher on the pulpit to give his sermon, payment of one’s debts, performing one’s obligatory pilgrimage or the end of one’s life.

If the new crescent is opaque, or if it is created from yellow copper, or if it has the shape of a serpent or a scorpion in the dream, then it denotes evil. Seeing the new crescent in a dream in the same night it is supposed to be born means that one’s wife will conceive a child. In a dream, a new crescent also represents a little child, repentance from sin, dispelling adversities, release from prison or recovering from an illness. Seeing the crescent when it is rising in a dream is better than seeing it when it is declining.

If the new crescent suddenly disappears in one’s dream, it means that one’s project, object or intention will not be fulfilled. (Also see Moon)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

A dream interpreted as signifying successful love.

The symbol of Isis and of motherhood. In Egypt it is used as an emblem of the Virgin Mary by Christians.... The Fabric of Dream

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Femininity; the vagina; the process of feminine cre­ativity. Crescent moon: the beginning or ending of something to do with one’s feelings or inner life. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a crescent symbolizes the development of female attributes and aspects. It also implies adaptability and flexibility.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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To dream of a crescent moon represents flexibility, revitalization, and life phases. It implies that you are being successful in your pursuit of your goals and objectives.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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(Including the sickle and crescent moon) signify the feminine, mysterious power that is intuitive and non-rational.

The crescent is also recognized as the symbol of the islamic faith.... Dream Meanings of Versatile