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What does Construction Worker mean in dream?

Construction Worker | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

interpreted upon 3 sides: validity of labours / works that pertain to the world, good, usefulness, acquiring [something] wanted, capacity / abundance in acquisition.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Constructive progress being presently made in one’s life... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of construction implies that you are in the process of changing some aspect of your life. You possess determination, perseverance, and motivation.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of construction symbolize that your life is in the midst of repair and recreation. At this time you probably feel like not presenting yourself to the public. Your dream is giving you the message to pull back from social engagements until your inner life is done being remodeled. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

[of a Wall] Whoever sees he is building a wall.

If it was made from adobe [brick] and / or mud, then it indicates the validity of his religion and his trustworthiness.

If he sees he is building a wall from plaster then it indicates the change of his religion.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of a construction site, or a building under construction, symbolizes that your mind is busy trying to understand or process a situation or idea. This dream can also foretell a transitional phase in your life, when you are leaving the past behind and creating a “new you.”... My Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Building. Planning one’s life, creating one’s livelihood and personal growth.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ariadne's Book of Dream

A construction site is the ground on which you as the dreamer build your hopes and dreams for fulfillment. Depending on how far along the construction is, it will reveal the progress you have made in developing your ideas and plans.

For instance, if the frame is up, this suggests that you have already created the foundation and skeleton of your project.

A construction site may also be an indication of the progress of the psychological work you arc doing.

A truck on the site may mean you have all the necessary tools to embark on the construction of a new area in your life.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Carpenter; Mason; Woodworker; Workman) Seeing a construction worker in a dream means both poverty or richness, or he could denote travels or uncertainty about what profession one should get into to earn his livelihood, or he could represent someone who patiently carries someone else’s burdens, or someone who fabricates a story, or someone who embellishes a story with lies, or someone who mixes the lawful with the unlawful.

A construction worker in a dream also represents someone who stirs-up people against one another for a price.

If some dust falls over him during his work in the dream, it means that he will benefit accordingly, and if no dust falls over him duringhis work in the dream, it means that he will get nothing from inciting people against one another. Ifone sees a construction worker demolishing a wall or a house in a dream, it means that some enmity will grow between friends that could bring about the death of one of them. (Also see Carpenter; Digging; Labor; Pickax)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Changing or rebuilding of mind pattern.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of your coworkers reflects the way you interact with them. This could indicate any conflicts or bonds that you share with them. It represents your aspirations, hopes, efforts and tendency to debate with others.

If the coworkers in your dream are not your actual coworkers, then they may symbolize an aspect of your personality that you need to alter or improve.

To dream that you are training someone to take your place implies that you are ready to begin new projects and encourage personal talents and abilities to grow. You have adopted new perspectives to replace previous ones. *Refer to Office.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Oddly enough, dreaming of a colleague rarely involves issues at work.

The focus is more likely to be on traits this person possesses that mean something to you.

For example, if this person’s voice is especially loud, whatever he or she is saying to you in the dream is especially significant, and you should pay attention.

If this person is someone you feel you can trust, there is some issue in your life involving trust that needs to be resolved.

If you dream that a coworker whom you don’t particularly like suddenly acts like your best friend, or a colleague whom you like and respect turns hostile, be prepared for a reversal of some kind - for better or worse.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center

My Dream Interpretation

To see your coworkers in your dream, highlights aspects of your real life relationship with them, including difficulties or how well they support you. It signifies your ambition, struggles and competitive nature.

If the coworkers in your dream are not your actual coworkers, then they may symbolize some psychological aspect of yourself that you need to work on.

If you dream that you are training a coworker to take your place at work, this means you are making progress with respect to some task or inner development. You are leaving behind old attitudes and are looking toward the future.... My Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

What has been close to you is opening up.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Carpenter; Construction worker)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Something is being accomplished; one must do something, be active. Social decline or social romanticism.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Language of Dreams

What are these individuals doing? Their actions may reveal the answer to a perplexing question or problem.

For example, if they are building a bridge, this indicates that you are preparing to become more social and traverse the gaps that lie between yourself and others.... The Language of Dreams