Chestnut Dream Meanings

What does Chestnut mean in dream?

Chestnut | Dream Meanings

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Autumn, play, food, fertility.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming of picking chestnuts off the ground: you have enough ingenuity to make your lover believe that life without you would be unthinkable. Looking at chestnuts: you will either win big or conclude a profitable business transaction. Eating chestnuts means you have a chance to be successful. Sitting under a chestnut tree: after a difficult period, life is finally fun again and you are happy.

Depth Psychology: Who is “pulling the chestnuts out of the fire” here? Will it be to your advantage or does it serve someone else? Are others helping you?... Dreamers Dictionary


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of a chestnut means you will be healthy and strong.

A chestnut tree indicates you will have sons. See also Tree.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of handling chestnuts, foretells losses in a business way, but indicates an agreeable companion through life. Eating them, denotes sorrow for a time, but final happiness.

For a young woman to dream of eating or trying her fortune with them, she will have a well-to-do lover and comparative plenty.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


The Complete Dream Book

Eating chestnuts, raw, boiled or roasted, is a dream of good fortune in love affairs.

An unmarried woman who has this dream will make a good marriage with a man who will be faithful and reasonably successful in business. Men who have this dream will have devoted wives.... The Complete Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book

Domestic affliction.... Mystic Dream Book


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of chestnuts are associated with Christmas, heat, emotional warmth and nurturing. Chestnuts are also a symbol of foresight and can be calling you to plan ahead.... Strangest Dream Explanations


The Fabric of Dream

A dream denoting home quarrels and worries.... The Fabric of Dream