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Castrate | Dream Meanings

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

To deprive one of their authority and ability to figuratively impregnate; see “baby” and “pregnant”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Example: ‘On looking at my son I see his penis has been completely cut off. I feel terribly upset, but notice that on each side of the remaining hole, special pieces of tissue have been implanted. These are budding, just like a plant, and I know, or am told, that a whole penis will grow’ (Edmond U). Edmond did in fact frequently ‘cut off’ his sexuality by absti­nence.

The dream graphically shows that sexual drives are like a living process.

Trauma and/or fear regarding sexual drive, possibly lead­ing to ‘cutting off’ full sexual flow; fear of the responsibility which develops with sexual maturity; the difficulty in facing the pains and adjustments which come with rejection by the opposite sex, competition for work and wealth, standing with­out parental support, making decisions, discriminating in the world of ideas and exercise of will.

Doing it to oneself: denying one’s own sexual drive, intro­verted anger at sexual drive; the conflict of choice between feminine and masculine. Done to one: trauma in sexual na­ture. Doing it to another: one’s own sexual pains or trauma may lead to the unconscious killing out of sexuality in one’s children or others. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Sex

1- In anv dream that contains sexual trauma, we are usually being alerted to our inner fears.

The violent act of castration in a dream indicates the damage we are doing to ourselves in denying such fears.

2- Conventionally, there may be some difficulty in coming to terms with the conflict between the masculine and feminine within oneself.

3- We are prepared to make a life sacrifice, to give up or control the sexual act in favour of celibacy.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

also see Dream Dictionary: Sex

For a male to dream of castration, it may infer the individual has not come to terms with their sexuality. It may also mean the dreamer has not dealt with prior sexual trauma.... Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of castration symbolize disempowerment, invalidation, rejection, and criticism. You are either rejecting yourself or invalidating someone else. See Testicles.... Strangest Dream Explanations