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Buoy Dream Meanings

What does Buoy mean in dream?

Buoy | Dream Meanings

One who gives hope and help to others in the waters of adversity

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
A warning of danger ahead (Gypsy) ; symbolism apparent.

The Fabric of Dream by
Aid used for orientation; hope and security, as in Anchor, Arch, but also Family, Notice-of-Intention- to-Marry, and sometimes Bureaucrat,

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Dreams of a buoy symbolize optimism and an attitude of gratitude that will always help you to rise above your pain.

A buoy can also be a marker, an indication of your progress, or emotional boundaries, and can be a sign to alert you when you’ve gone off the deep end.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
(See Laughing)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
That which channels one in the right direction and gives them hope; see “water”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by