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What does Bubbles mean in dream?

Bubbles | Dream Meanings

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Mystic Dream Book

A sign of gaiety. Avoid dissipation, or you may lose your sweetheart.... Mystic Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at soap: take better care of your reputation and appearance. Seeing soap bubbles: you are living too much in fantasy land. Washing your hands with soap: you feel very guilty and need to make amends; in another matter, however, you are being wrongfully accused of something. See Bathing, Washing.

Depth Psychology: A soap dream encourages a process of self-cleansing and freeing yourself from an old guilt. Soap bubbles mean you are entertaining too many illusions and the bubbles will burst soon.

The dream wants to warn you that there is nothing there for you to hold on to—the illusions will come to an end. Foam is a symbol of churning emotions like Aggression, Anger, or Rage.... Dreamers Dictionary