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Brook Dream Meanings

What does Brook mean in dream?

Brook | Dream Meanings

See “water”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(See Pond; Stream)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A bubbling stream is symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 18:4

Christian Dream Symbols by
Vision: Dreaming about a calm, slow-moving brook is a sign of good health, good luck, and success. Turbulent water moving fast: you are restless and stressed. Seeing a brook winding its way through a pasture: your life is complicated right now. Looking at a clear brook: your projects are going to move ahead without complications; you are peaceful, energetic, and able to concentrate. Fishing in a clear brook: you can count on increased financial rewards. Bathing in this brook: good fortune is coming your way because you are ready to accept it. This image is also a message: if you are ill, you are going to recover soon. Seeing, sitting, or walking along a brook where the water is murky: you will have to deal with worries and setbacks in the near future.

Depth Psychology: Water in any form is a symbol of the soul and of your life.

The clearer the water, the greater the healing power of the soul.

If the water is murky, try to find out what is “murky “ in your life and work at cleansing your soul.

The water flowing “within you” promises good fortune, success, and good health or misfortune and loss—depending on the state and direction in which the water is moving. See River, Water.

Dreamers Dictionary by
See Stream and Water.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
See River, Water. Flowing emotions, allowing oneself to let go and give in, as in Cliff. Should you go with the flow, or are you just drifting about? Similar symbols are Flying, Sled, Parachute. Longing for quiet and nature. Also, keep in mind that the movements here mainly refer to the emotions.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Social advancement.

If it is rough water, there is the possibility of social gaffes and gossip. See also River.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Faithful friends, if the stream is clear. Otherwise, be careful.

Mystic Dream Book by
Peaceful, quiet spirit

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Clear and near the house, an honorable office in which the dreamer will practice benevolence; muddy brooks indicate loss; dried up brooks augur ruin to their owners (Artemidorus) ; the Bible justifies in a measure the promise of the dream of the brook: “And lo, my brook became a river, and my river a sea.”—Eccles. xxv, /. “A little fountain became a river, and there was light and the sun and much water. This river is Esther, and the two dragons are I and Hamon.”— From the Greek version of the book of Esther, quoted by Bayley.

The Fabric of Dream by
1. Desire to be a successful stage performer.

2. Words sung are significant in one’s life.

New American Dream Dictionary by
One who delights in the wisdom of the lord, peaceful one

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