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Bridesmaid Dream Meanings

What does Bridesmaid mean in dream?

Bridesmaid | Dream Meanings

Erotic dreams, all of them, announce the moderns. Dreams denoting grief and disappointment, declares Raphael, who invariably places an unfortunate construction upon all dreams of an erotic nature.

The Fabric of Dream by
Unfortunately, this is a dream of contrary.

If you are one of these parties, it foretells some great disappointment.

Mystic Dream Book by
For a girl to dream that she is a bridesmaid foretells a happy marriage within a year.

If her dress is torn, she will find that her husband is secretive.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation by
Unhappiness is foretold by a dream of being a bridesmaid, but good luck in seeing bridesmaids.

To dream of being a bridesmaid and stepping on the bride’s train is a forerunner of a very embarrassing experience».

The Complete Dream Book by
Dreams of a bridesmaid symbolize support.

If you dream of being a bridesmaid, then you are processing your feelings and attitudes toward being in a secondary position, second fiddle, and the wind beneath someone’s wings.

If you are identified with the role of the bride, then the bridesmaid symbolizes that you are supported, and that you are connected to your female intuition. See Wedding, Sister and Best Friend.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream of being a bridesmaid represents a new romance.

My Dream Interpretation by