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Boxing Dream Meanings

What does Boxing mean in dream?

Boxing | Dream Meanings

1.Do you feel as if you’re in a “sparring match” with someone around you? If so, dreaming of a boxing match could indicate that it’s not going to get any better and you need to take steps to end it.

A boxer with a lot of injuries foreshadows a lot of ideas that are going to need further research and revisions.

If the boxer is a woman, you’re nursing a lot of emotional scars that need more care than you’re giving them.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center by
Warning one to be pliable, avoiding controversial and arbitrary issues

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Finding yourself in a boxing nng may mean that you are feeling challenged by someone else’s beliefs and that you may need to fight back in order to realize you: strength.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
A dream in which you are boxing indicates that strife is churning inside you, and that you are not adequately expressing your feelings. You might not be living up to your potential.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
To dream of a boxing ring, or to dream that you are boxing, suggests that you are experiencing some internal struggle or conflict. It may also indicate that you keep your emotions inside. In addition, this dream may be a wordplay on “boxing” things in, symbolizing that you are putting unnecessary limits on yourself and your goals.

My Dream Interpretation by
Unpredictable worries.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
Ability to assert yourself. Aggression.

A frequent symbol for work / profession or marital situations, but it can also point to a positive fight.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
An astonishing announcement will be made in your hearing leading to important events for you. Be wary of repeating or of writing about it.

Mystic Dream Book by
1. A struggle for financial success, opportunities.

2. An inner struggle, often between two conflict­ing points of view.

3. A feeling that difficulties are out of control.

New American Dream Dictionary by