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Boogie Boarding Dream Meanings

What does Boogie Boarding mean in dream?

Boogie Boarding | Dream Meanings

To dream of a boarding house, foretells that you will suffer entanglement and disorder in your enterprises, and you are likely to change your residence.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees himself as having boarded a vessel which is sea-bounded or merely cruising on water it suggest that he will become entangled with the king or authorities carrying out an investigation on him.

The seriousness of the investigation will depend on the capacity of the vessel. Ultimately he will be liberated from their clutches.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream about boarding school, represents the value you place on knowledge and education. You believe that you are always learning and not just in the classroom.

If you are currently a boarding school student, then this dream may just be a reflection of your current surroundings and emotions.

My Dream Interpretation by
1. Concerns about prosperity, security.

2. Current difficulties, often emotional, are temporary.

3. Emotional state, well-being.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A boogie board is used to ride the waves on your belly and may suggest riding an emotional or creative wave and enjoying it.

The board might also suggest that it is “time to boogie,” or to move on.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Riding out circumstances in life.

Expansions Dream Dictionary by
To dream that you are skateboarding, indicates the ups and downs of some emotional situation or relationship.

If you zip along with no crashes in your dream, it means you have the strength and energy to achieve your goals in life.

My Dream Interpretation by
1. Overcoming fear of something.

2. Using one’s potential.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Maneuvenng skillfully down a slope on one board, snowboarding in a dream metaphorically translates into surfing or demonstrating finesse in conquering your fears.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
To dream that you are snowboarding, suggests that you are challenging your mental and/or physical abilities. It may also be telling you to set aside time for fun and relaxation.

My Dream Interpretation by