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Bob Marlcy Dream Meanings

What does Bob Marlcy mean in dream?

Bob Marlcy | Dream Meanings

The King of Reggae whose early death from brain cancer robbed the world of an extraordinary political voice and prophet, Bob may reappear from the spirit world to tell you to “stand up for your rights.”

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
To dream of bobbins, denotes that important work will devolve on you, and your interests will be adversely affected if you are negligent in dispatching the same work.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
To dream that you are putting your hair up with bobby pins, or to see a bobby pin in your dream, suggests that you are evaluating a new idea, outlook or way of thinking. You may be changing the way you approach your self-image and appearance.

My Dream Interpretation by
Distinguished leader, bright in counsel, enlightened one; see “robert”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
A dream about a bobcat indicates that you must closely observe what happens in everyday life.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Offering bits of help, etc., But with consequences, i.E. Words that pierce the heart

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
See Cartoon.

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