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Blossom Dream Meanings

What does Blossom mean in dream?

Blossom | Dream Meanings

Symbolic of God’s anointing upon a ministry, Num. 17:8

Christian Dream Symbols by
1. Sexuality.

2. Happiness, satisfaction.

3. Period of pros­perity is in the offing, usually emotional.

New American Dream Dictionary by
To see trees in blossom indicates that you will have good luck in the future.

The work you do now will be well rewarded, though you may have to wait a while to see the results. One old Gypsy woman insisted that the only meaning for dreaming of blossoms (she specified fruit tree blossoms) was a coming wedding. See also Orange Blossom.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
A dream about a blossom signifies that you are beautiful inside. It can also mean that your efforts will be rewarded.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams of a blossom symbolize that opportunities are coming into fruition and expansion in your career and/or relationships. See Bloom, Adolescence and Puberty.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
See Flowers.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
To dream you see all sorts of trees Blossoming is a sign of joy, comfort and recreation.

Mystic Dream Book by
An invariable dream of gladness and of prosperity (Artemidorus) ; doubtless the symbolism is taken from the gladness of spring, as associated with these blossoms.

The Fabric of Dream by
To dream of seeing trees and shrubs in blossom, denotes a time of pleasing prosperity is nearing you.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
In a dream, blossoms represent an inner or an outer light, or guidance one follows for spiritual or material gains. (Also see Earth; Flowers; Roses)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of seeing blossoms on trees or bushes is a sign that you will be greatly pleased by some business development or good news.

The Complete Dream Book by
As in Spring, joy, abundance, physical aspects of the emotional life, sexuality (particularly female sexuality).

According to Freud, a reference to female sexuality. White flowers mean sexual innocence; red flowers mean sexual maturity.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
There is peace and tranquility to come . :. but it may not last.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
This can only mean that your thoughts are concerned with a wedding.

Mystic Dream Book by
(See Distilled water)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Luck, fullness.

A frequent dream symbol that appears during nocturnal ejaculation.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by