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Blessings Bless Dream Meanings

What does Blessings Bless mean in dream?

Blessings, To Bless | Dream Meanings

To dream of a blessing is an auspicious sign that you are recognizing and acknowledging the divine. See Bodhisattva and Prophetic Dreams.

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See spiritual imagery in the introduction

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(See Olive tree)

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If you dreamed of receiving a blessing you can face the future with confidence. You are beginning to come into your own, especially in the realm of creativity. Alternately, this dream occasionally comes to those who are suffering from a guilty conscience.

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(Benediction; Grace; Light) In a dream, blessings represent one’s life, hearing, sight, good health, wealth, good qualities, contentment, gratitude, faith, guidance, submission to God Almighty, obedience to one’s parents, having obedient children, having a husband or a wife, children, lineage, friends, love, compassion, happiness, comfort, endowments, attainments, success, provisions, knowledge, wisdom, balance, intelligence, clarity, truthfulness, work, strength, peace in the land, safety, protection, ajust ruler, rain or they could mean a good crop, etcetera. (Also see Enemy; Introduction page xxui.)

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Depth Psychology: Blessing someone in your dream is a sign of your generosity and willingness to help. Receiving a blessing: new, powerful energies are rising from within and will help you greatly.

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