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Blade Dream Meanings

What does Blade mean in dream?

Blade | Dream Meanings

1. Harsh or sharp words, thoughts or deeds.

2. Decisiveness and courage, especially during difficult times.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Cutting edge) In a dream, a blade is interpreted to be one’s tongue, or an energetic and a caring wife, or drawing profits for one’s livelihood, or it could represent a pencil sharpener.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
This dream symbol often appears when you are dealing with important decisions.

The blade stands for the ability to make distinctions (to divide the material). However, the symbol of the blade also points to risks: “Something is balanced on the edge of the knife.” Knife, Sword.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
See Knife.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
This encompasses blades of all types, including swords and knives.

A clean, shiny blade predicts new friends.

A rusty, dirty blade predicts health problems.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation by
Analytical thinking, the need to smooth something out.

Folklore: Warning of troubles and quarrels.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If you dream of roller-blading, then you are on the fast track of life.

If this dream feels exhilarating, then you are enjoying moving through life with velocity. If, however, you feel scared, then this denotes that your relationship or career is taking off too quickly, and you are feeling of unstable, ungrounded, and insecure.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
1. Fast forward motion, sometimes regarding rela­tionships.

2. The ability to handle difficult emotional situations (note the level of expertise on the rollerblades).

New American Dream Dictionary by