Blacksmith Dream Meanings

What does Blacksmith mean in dream?

Blacksmith | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see a blacksmith in a dream, means laborious undertakings will soon work to your advantage.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Hard work “forges” permanent benefits.

2. A lack of self-confidence creates obstacles.

3. Strength and the ability to endure arduous undertakings. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Jailer) In a dream, a blacksmith represents a strong personality, a leader, or a powerful and a skillful ruler.

A blacksmith in a dream also represents the angel of death. Seeing a blacksmith in a dream or being one, indicates both happiness and adversities.

To be brought before a blacksmith in a dream means an accident that will bring one before a person in authority for intercession. Otherwise, it could mean seeking the fellowship of a worthless person.

If one sees a sick or a deceased person sitting with a blacksmith in a dream, it means that he is in hell, and particularly when his face is blackened from the smoke, or it could mean that he may be imprisoned. (Also see Bellows)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

A person who owns vast estates, exercises control and wields power.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

You will be very successful through your own hard work.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream about a blacksmith is a sign of resilience and fortitude.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Meanings of Versatile

See anvil and forge... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a blacksmith indicates that you should start working on yourself, developing your talents, accepting fate with courage, and thereby “forging” your true personality. Seeing a blacksmith at work: “strike while the iron is hot”!

Depth Psychology: The blacksmith is working on personality traits that are rigid and unbending. Blacksmith dreams are always a sign of change, of a personality being formed. What are you “forging” in the dream? Maybe the dream suggests you use your energies and creativity to solve your problems and reach your goals.... Dreamers Dictionary


Little Giant Encyclopedia

A symbol for great misfortune or stroke of fate; or of becoming the master of transformation. See Anvil.... Little Giant Encyclopedia