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What does Birch mean in dream?

Birch | Dream Meanings

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Young, slender girl.

The birch combines black and white in its bark, implying contradictions.

During the Middle Ages, magic protection against witches and evil spirits.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Language of Dreams

(see Forest, Trees)

Birth and origination. This tree gets its name from the first letter of the Druidical alphabet, which also represents beginnings.

Making a mark that distinguishes your personal territory on the job, at home, or in a situation. Birch rods were used in ancient rites called Beating the Bounds in which people would walk and mark their lands (see Wand).

Sturdiness. This tree is even hardier than an oak.

Matters of communication, especially writing. Birch bark was predominantly used in the ancient world as a type of paper.

A fresh start that leads to fruitful manifestation. In many rural regions, the blossoming of the birch marks the beginning of the growing season.

As the Lady of the Woods, the birch also represents refined grace and elegance.... The Language of Dreams