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Billiards Dream Meanings

What does Billiards mean in dream?

Billiards | Dream Meanings

Billiards, foretell coming troubles to the dreamer. Law suits and contentions over property. Slander will get in her work to your detriment.

If you see table and balls idle, deceitful comrades are undermining you{.}

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Competition.

2. Emotions, especially those of others, should be looked at more seriously.

3. Financial losses possible.

4. Feelings of misfortune (as in “behind the eight ball”).

New American Dream Dictionary by
Finding success around several “corners.” Fun and relaxation. See Ball.

The ability to set something in motion. Fertility.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
To dream of playing billiards foretells the finding of an old letter that will cause you trouble.

Watching a game of billards denotes that something will be revealed that you would prefer to have kept secret.

The Complete Dream Book by
Another dream of unusual occurrence, unless you play regularly, when the omen loses all significance. It indicates some difficulty ; if you are in love, or engaged, it means that you will be opposed by your betrothed’s family.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of billiards signify that you are feeling competitive. See Gamble and Las Vegas.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
A dream that involves billiards, whether playing or watching, foretells coming troubles to the dreamer, involving rumors or untrue friends. Also see “Eight Ball.”

My Dream Interpretation by
To see people playing billiards, troubles for the dreamer.

If no one is at the table, unseen enemies are working against you.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
To see an empty billiard or pool table means you will be lucky in love.

To play the game means that someone is going to be lying to you, or you to them.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by