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Betty Crocker Foods Dream Meanings

What does Betty Crocker Foods mean in dream?

Betty Crocker Foods | Dream Meanings

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
As baking products that are associated with the modem homemaker, Betty Crocker cakes and mixes may appear on the shelf of your cupbcard to help you whip up an extraordinary idea and turn it into a million-dollar business. Since Betty Crocker reflects the attitudes of a woman who is a good homemaker, an empty box of cake mix may indicate that you have lost your maternal instincts.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
See Rehab, AA and Twelve Steps.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream of having an abundance of nice, clean crockery, denotes that you will be a tidy and economical housekeeper.

To be in a crockery store, indicates, if you are a merchant or business man, that you will look well to the details of your business and thereby experience profit.

To a young woman, this dream denotes that she will marry a sturdy and upright man.

An untidy store, with empty shelves, implies loss.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
(See Dishes).

To young lovers this is a favorable dream. By it is predicted an early marriage with a desirable partner.

If the crockery is soiled, it is probable that some objection will have to be swept away before the marriage can take place.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream of owning much crockery prophesies gradually increasing financial stability. In whatever form, unless it is broken, and of whatever description, crockery is a fortunate thing to dream about.

The Complete Dream Book by
Dreams of raw foods denote extreme attention to your intake of energy and your ability to make the most of a situation, and garner that, which supports your vitality. Perhaps you are feeling naked, unabashed, authentic, and connected to your spirit and pure essence. Alternatively, you may also be feeling raw and vulnerable, and desirous of a more juicy and passionate life.

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