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Beetles Dream Meanings

What does Beetles mean in dream?

Beetles | Dream Meanings

To dream of seeing them on your person, denotes poverty and small ills.

To kill them is good.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A hard to kill problem

Christian Dream Symbols by
This dream signifies that some slander is circulated concerning you; to kill the beetle is to overcome it (Raphael). The beetle was held as sacred by the Egyptians, a symbol of virility, new life and of eternity (Budge). According to Brewer, it is the modern Christian symbol of blindness.

The Fabric of Dream by
It bodes no good to dream of beetles. Hard luck may come in any number of ways, so it is necessary for the dreamer to be especially careful, especially in matters pertaining to trade.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream of these unpleasant little creatures is a sign of quarrelling with your friends or some difficulty in your affairs due to malice.

If you kill the insects, you will put matters right quickly.

Mystic Dream Book by