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Battle Battleground Dream Meanings

What does Battle Battleground mean in dream?

Battle / Battleground | Dream Meanings

Battle signifies striving with difficulties, but a final victory over the same.

If you are defeated in battle, it denotes that bad deals made by others will mar your prospects for good.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A warning to prepare for spiritual warfare

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. A serious internal conflict, likely over something not dealt with in the past.

2. A measure of attitudes regarding achieve­ments, successes or failures.

3. Dangers or difficulties in business.

4. Arguments in the offing.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Symbolic of the struggle to live a virtuous life in accordance with God’s word, Ps. 78:9-10

Christian Dream Symbols by
Fighting a battle; After much difficulty you will succeed in an endeavor. Lose; Others will be responsible for your failing interests regarding business issues.

The Bedside Dream Dictionary by
To dream of being in battle implies trouble of a serious nature with friends; to overcome indicates triumph (Gypsy). Evidently the realities of warfare were too grim and too close to admit the rule of contraries to apply to this dream, to which modern interpreters, however, attach an erotic meaning.

The Fabric of Dream by
Battles or wars indicate a struggle with some internal conflict.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation by
Erotic symbol, overstimulation, and overwork.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
(See Fight).

The Complete Dream Book by
Vision: In the case of older people, the dream might be a memory of past war experiences. Or are you are afraid of other people attacking you? See Fight, War.

Dreamers Dictionary by
A dream in which you see or participate in a battle is a sign that you are working too hard. You should take some time off. It’s also an indication of a clash between your levelheaded thoughts and impetuous acts.

The battle can also indicate sexuality, and that you are too aroused or might be restraining your desires.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
This is another unusual event, and foretells trouble; a serious quarrel with neighbours or lover. But if you are on the winning side, whether fighting alone or with others, then things will come right in the end.

Mystic Dream Book by
To dream of being in a battle means quarrel with neighbours or friends in a serious manner.

Indian Interpretation of Dreams by
If you dreamed of a battle, you are likely to become involved in serious quarrels.

If you were on (or observed) the winning side, it is a happy omen for your current love interests.

My Dream Interpretation by
Dreams of battles signify Dissension.

If defeated, guard your interests.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
See arena, fighting and war

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
In a dream, a battlefield represents actions, accomplishments, activities, fulfillments, success, victory, warning to children or training them to become professional soldiers.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
See Army.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream about being on a battlefield represents a serious struggle you are engaged in. It is one from which you must emerge victorious.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
(See Citadel)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Symbolic of heavy spiritual bombardment

Christian Dream Symbols by
Promotion in the Service for a great friend or relative.

Mystic Dream Book by
He will gain victory over his enemy in battle.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by