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Bass Dream Meanings

What does Bass mean in dream?

Bass | Dream Meanings

1. If one feels that one is this, he/she feels that he/she is doing a good job (being diplomatic) in a delicate situation.

2. Deep-seated desire to take a trip to a foreign country, perhaps to escape from one’s present life.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Important news coming in. 

The Bedside Dream Dictionary by
Dreams of an ambassador symbolize that you are stepping into leadership and becoming a role model. This dream may be giving you the message to be responsible and aware that you are acting on behalf of all whom you represent.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
1. Foundation, grounding, an anchor, often socially (voice).

2. Rhythm of daily life (bass guitar).

New American Dream Dictionary by
To dream of a bass fish is a call to patience. Biding your time and facing up to something with renewed clarity is appropriate at this time.

To dream that you are swimming with bass indicates that you are being quite clear and patient at this time so not to get frustrated and simply keep on with the current approach.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Vision: Seeing a bass viol or playing one in a dream: be prepared for a happy surprise or advancement in your job or profession. Listening to a bass viol playing: happy hours of fun. See Music, Violin.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream that you have a bass voice, denotes you will detect some discrepancy in your business, brought about by the deceit of some one in your employ.

For the lover, this foretells estrangements and quarrels.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A persistent person whose dedication is greater than their personal ability

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
İmplies immaturity

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. One will face someone in authority soon.

2. One wants to go on a trip abroad.

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