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Basin Dream Meanings

What does Basin mean in dream?

Basin | Dream Meanings

For a young woman to dream of bathing in a basin, foretells her womanly graces will win her real friendships and elevations.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Financial security (based on how full the basin is).

2. A need or desire for emotional cleansing.

3. Reversal: an empty basin means happiness and a full one can mean disappointment.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Washbowl) In a dream, a basin represents a servant, a mistress, or a wife who brings her husband a life of cleanliness and purity, or it could mean marriage.

A basin in a dream also denotes earnings, a respectful job, or it could mean prosperity. Seeingone’s reflection in a basin filled with water, like looking at a mirror in a dream represents one’s condition or state. (Also see Mirror)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A basin of cold waier indicates the need to be closer to the family; a need for more warmth between you.

A basin of warm water shows that you are loving and caring.

A basin of dirty water means there will be family quarrels.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
A gjri who dreams of bathing or washing her hands or feet in a basin will make many good friends of both scacs.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream that you are eating or drinking from a Basin is an unnatural dream—if you are in love, you must expect difficulty, and may not marry the first object of your affections.

Mystic Dream Book by
interpreted by: woman or helpful young girl.

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik by
As in Washing, Tub, Shower, Bath, Sauna.

A symbol of cleanliness and purity.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by