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Bars Silver Dream Meanings

What does Bars Silver mean in dream?

Bars Of Silver | Dream Meanings

Like stripes, bars represent bondage; see “bound”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Vision: Seeing yourself behind bars: you are either very dependent on others or are prevented from doing something. Looking at barred windows: you are isolating—show more interest in others. Maybe you are longing for a person far away. Seeing a huge iron gate: you have too many unrealistic hopes and wishes.

Depth Psychology: Bars are either a warning about unrealistic wishes or indicate your longing for a person who is far away.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Seeing bars of gold or crockery made from gold means losing some of a person’s wealth or the king or governor becoming unhappy or disillusioned with him.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
He will receive the fortunes of this world if they are in their original form or molten.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Seeing these in the dream is regarded as better than seeing bars of gold since they (bars of silver) symbolise excellence and good fortune.

If a person sees himself as having received a piece of silver with no design on it, it means he will marry a beautiful woman.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Their interpretation varies according to the nature of the people.

If a person sees himself as receiving them in the dream it means he will receive them in real life.

For some it could mean receiving sustenance after arguing and quarrelling. At other times it could mean exchange of good words.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Separation tendencies, confinement.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Symbolic of arguments, Prov. 18:19

Christian Dream Symbols by
Vision: Seeing mercury is a sign of restlessness. Be more focused and steady in all your endeavors, otherwise your life will change constantly, depriving you of rest and quiet.

Depth Psychology: Mercury is a symbol of your fate that is forever in flux. Are you as restless as a drop of mercury? Is your life hectic and people around you irritable? Try to do something about it— mercury is a poison!

Dreamers Dictionary by
(See Mercury)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A dream denoting changes, vicissitudes and restlessness (Gypsy).

The Fabric of Dream by
(see Metals)

The Language of Dreams by
You will be invited to an enjoyable festivity. Gossip is on foot concerning you.

Mystic Dream Book by
To dream of silver, is a warning against depending too largely on money for real happiness and contentment.

To find silver money, is indicative of shortcomings in others. Hasty conclusions are too frequently drawn by yourself for your own peace of mind.

To dream of silverware, denotes worries and unsatisfied desires.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
Wealth and wisdom that has gone through the “fire” of purification; see “fire”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. The female aspect of oneself.

2. How the moon, in particu­lar, figures in romantic events.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Woman) Silver in a dream represents hard earned money or savings. In dream interpretation, the substance of silver and that of a woman are the same.

A silver coin in a dream represents a beautiful woman. Extracting silver in a dream means taking advantage of a woman. Ifone finds abundance of silver in his dream, it means that he will uncover a treasure. Melting silver in a dream means having an argument with one’s wife that will become the talk of the town. Receiving silverware or silver cups as a gift in a dream means being entrusted with money or personal items for safe keeping.

The same interpretation goes for receiving a silver mirror in a dream as long as one does not look into it. Once he looks into the mirror in his dream, it means adversities, defamation, and loss of respect, for only harm could come from looking into a silver mirror in a dream. Silverware, silver cups or silver pitchers, as well as the golden ones in a dream also may represent good deeds that lead to paradise, or they could mean good business and prosperity.

To see expensive silver items mixed with trivial imitations in a dream meansinnovation and suspicious behavior. Silver ornaments in a dream mean forcing one’s way, or obliging a jealous person to revert the course of his actions. Buying something with silver coins ofunknown origin, or placingthem inside a silver bowl in a dream means hidingsomethingsuspicious, or receiving something as a trust that one should keep with honesty, then return it to its rightful owner when asked to do so.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Symbolic of pure words and the truth of God, Ps. 12:6. Silver can also mean a high quality ministry, 1Cor. 3:12

Christian Dream Symbols by
A dream auguring unsuspected revelation (Gypsy). Silver is the emblem of knowledge (Bayley).

The Fabric of Dream by
See Metal. Emotions, a symbol of the moon and femininity.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
1- On a practical level, silver appearing in a dream suggests finance or money. Silver is something of value which can be held in reserve against possible difficulty.

2- Silver on a more psychological level has been taken to represent the qualities of the moon. This is in the sense that something or someone is available, but is at the same time somewhat remote.

3- Spiritually, silver is said to represent the feminine aspect, gold being the masculine.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
Silver money and ingots indicate honors and prestige that will come to you.

The Rom say that to dream of silverware on a dining table means you will receive unwelcome visitors in your home.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
(see Colors, Metals, Moon)

Depending on what is seen as silver, this may be an alternative type of coin or money dream.

An emblem of the feminine, lunar, intuitive nature.

Something within vourself that you treasure. See what shape the silver takes for more interpretive value.

For example, seeing a silver heart may reveal that you consider a loving nature very 7 valuable, and an essential part of your being.

Tarnished silver shows disuse or poor upkeep. What is it that’s being neglected?

The Language of Dreams by
A precious metal associated with the attnbutes of the feminine aspect, silver brings the qualities of intuition, receptivity, passive sensitivity, and wisdom. Delivered or worn as a piece of jewelry, it signifies wearing feminine values. Often given as a wedding gift in the form of silverware, it represents the fine and elegant tools of feminine service.

For instance, a silver platter represents receiving the wealth and abundance of the goddess presented through her grace.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
If one dreams he gathers up silver, it signifies damage and loss.

To see silver eaten signifies great advantage.

To eat silver signifies wrath and anger.

The Complete Dream Book by
Vision: Looking at things made from silver: your personal affairs are proceeding extraordinarily well and your future looks promising.

Depth Psychology: Silver, ruled by the moon and the sign of Cancer, is a symbol of your soul and your feminine, emotional side. See

Dreamers Dictionary by
Silver stands for restraint, politeness, quiet, coolness, the moon.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream of Silver is a sign of some loss. Do not be hasty in your plans.

If the coins are of large value, you may escape if you are careful, but Sixpences and Threepenny-bits are a bad omen.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of silver signify good luck and that you are in touch with your higher power. See Color and Platinum.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
Spiritually, silver is said to represent the feminine aspect, gold being the masculine. This came initially from the gold of the sun and the silver of the moon. Metals were thought to be ‘reflections’.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Psychological / emotional perspective: Silver on a more psychological level has been taken to represent the emotional qualities of the moon. This may be in the sense that we are available, yet remote.

The moon and silver both represent a quality of attraction and self-sufficiency at the same time.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: On a practical level, silver coins appearing in a dream suggest finance or money. Silver bars are metal in its raw state. In any case, silver is something of value that can be held in reserve against possible difficulty.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Gives gender - specific: In a woman’s dream, silver will often represent her essential core. In a man’s dream it is more likely to represent his rather more diffuse qualities.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
To see silver in your dream symbolizes the moon and the feminine aspects of yourself. You have a very strong sense of intuition.

My Dream Interpretation by
(See Marriage)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Driving a silver vehicle delivers feminine expression.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Symbolic of a person’s spinal column, Eccl. 12:6

Christian Dream Symbols by
He will acquire a woman from an unimaginable place.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Seeing the above in the dream means that a person will be made to guard some trust.

At times jewels, if mined and their quantity is not known, mean fortunes from which a person will derive much benefit.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A dream about silverware indicates discontent.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees himself in the act of melting gold, silver, iron or lead and casting any of them into any form such as coins, it means he will become the subject of people’s slandering and backbiting.

May Allah safeguard us against all calamities, hardships and suspicion . Ameen.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by