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Bars Dream Meanings

What does Bars mean in dream?

Bars | Dream Meanings

Like stripes, bars represent bondage; see “bound”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Vision: Seeing yourself behind bars: you are either very dependent on others or are prevented from doing something. Looking at barred windows: you are isolating—show more interest in others. Maybe you are longing for a person far away. Seeing a huge iron gate: you have too many unrealistic hopes and wishes.

Depth Psychology: Bars are either a warning about unrealistic wishes or indicate your longing for a person who is far away.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Seeing bars of gold or crockery made from gold means losing some of a person’s wealth or the king or governor becoming unhappy or disillusioned with him.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
He will receive the fortunes of this world if they are in their original form or molten.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Seeing these in the dream is regarded as better than seeing bars of gold since they (bars of silver) symbolise excellence and good fortune.

If a person sees himself as having received a piece of silver with no design on it, it means he will marry a beautiful woman.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Separation tendencies, confinement.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Symbolic of arguments, Prov. 18:19

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