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What does Barn mean in dream?

Barn | Dream Meanings

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

If well filled with ripe and matured grain, and perfect ears of corn, with fat stock surrounding it, it is an omen of great prosperity.

If empty, the reverse may be expected. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Where money or worldly goods are stored or hoarded... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Wealth and happiness, prosperity from hard work (full barn).

2. Possible bad luck (open, empty barn).

3. A repository or holding place of unconscious thoughts and feelings. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, a barn represents profits, provisions, fodder, food, savings, coffer, bag, one’s house, one’s shop or one’s farm. (Also see Carriage house; Stableman)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of a person’s stored wealth, Prov. 3:9.

A barn can also symbolize a person’s life and property, Ps. 144:13, Jer. 50:26 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Making use of your own abilities. Success and well-being, but also a place of adolescent sexuality.

According to Jung, the barn is a place where demons and ghosts reside, but also a place of protection against rain and cold.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Gypsies say that to dream of a full barn means you will never go hungry again. But to dream of an empty barn indicates a life of sadness and want.

A barn on fire indicates that you could lose all that you have.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals, Buildings, Farm)

A barn filled with grain is an image of safeguarding resources, especially finances.

A barn with its door open reveals that you have been careless in some matter. This situation needs tending before it gets totally out of control (e.g., closing the barn door after the horses get out).

Barns painted with hex signs come from the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, each pattern having a specific meaning. Consider the pictograph here as the starting point of your interpretation, then add to it other indicators like the condition of the barn.

For example, if you see a circle with a heart and two brooms, this reflects domestic harmony and love. However, if the barn is in disrepair, this may show that your relationships at home are similarly needful of attention.... The Language of Dreams

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Since a bam is usually a fairly large and open space that houses animals, it may signify your animal instincts.

The idea of rolling in the hay may indicate that you had a distasteful sexual experience. Living in a bam may be an indication that you are feeling exposed or living with too many other people’s problems.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at a full barn: your success is the result of the hard work you have done.

An empty barn: the hopes you put in a certain matter were misplaced.

Depth Psychology: See Grass, Hay.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream about a barn symbolizes hidden feelings. It might mean that you are restraining your basic desires.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Mystic Dream Book

This is a favourable dream if the Barn is full, or nearly so ; but it is unfortunate to see an empty Barn, with open doors.... Mystic Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a barn symbolize a storehouse for your animal instincts, power and resources. Perhaps you are feeling the need to restrain your wild side. See Chakra (1st & 2nd) and Farm.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To see a barn in your dream, signifies feelings kept in your unconscious. You may be holding back your natural instincts or actions.... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who encourages others... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

See “barnabas”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Dreaming of barnacles implies stubborn thoughts may be persistently bothering you and refusing to shift leaving you feeling frustrated. There is a message of acceptance, relaxation and ultimate victory within a dream of barnacles. Dreaming of barnacles on a boat heralds hints of travel and adventure whereas barnacles on the skin is more inclined to suggest stagnation and the need to forgive and forget.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Victorious and brave comforter; see “barnabas”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

See “barnabas”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited