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Barley Dream Meanings

What does Barley mean in dream?

Barley | Dream Meanings

Barley corns in their fields in a dream represent spiritual awakening and a conscious endeavor to do good. Seeing barley in a dream also denotes easy and sweet income.

If one barters wheat for barley in a dream, it means that he will forget the Qur’an and pursue poetry. Buying or carrying a measure of barley in a dream means that one may conceive a son who will grow to be pious and a man of knowledge, though his life will be short. It is also said that barley in a dream represents money spent toward one’s health and fitness. Buying barley from its distributor in a dream means receiving a great wealth or an inheritance, though one must pay its due alms tax and charities. Ifone sees himself planting barley in a dream, it means that he will engage in doing a good deed that will please God Almighty. Walking through barley fields in his dream means that one will be blessed with the opportunity to participate in a holy war. Farming barley fields in a dream represents people’s deeds.

If one plants barley in a dream, it means that he will prosper from his business or from governing, or that he will receive an endowment from someone in authority. Seeing barley in a dream also implies feelings or perceiving something good that is going to take place. (Also see Crop)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Whether fresh or dried, cooked or baked, eaten or merely possessed, all symbolise lawful sustenance.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Good fortune.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream of barley suggests a heated romance may be brewing in your waking life. Possibly a lifelong commitment of some kind may be in the wings but more likely a ‘summer love affair’. Alternatively you may find yourself revisiting places of romantic significance with your lover.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
A good omen, as with most things connected with Nature.

Mystic Dream Book by
The selling of it is interpreted upon [the fact] that the person chooses the world (dunya) over the Hereafter. (unknown..) : interpreted upon 3 sides: woman, young girl, [male] house servant.

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik by
To dream of eating, denotes health, contentment, etc. (Gypsy) ; plainly a dream of healthful hunger and its gratification.

The Fabric of Dream by
To walk through them augurs trouble and pain to the dreamer (Gypsy) ; distinctly gypsy symbolism, in view of the penalties attached to damaging the farmer’s crops.

The Fabric of Dream by
To dream of eating barky-bread signifies health and content.

The Complete Dream Book by
The dreamer will obtain his highest desires, and every effort will be crowned with success. Decay in anything denotes loss.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by