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Barbed Wire Dream Meanings

What does Barbed Wire mean in dream?

Barbed Wire | Dream Meanings

The barb is traditionally the fork that the devil carried with him, with which to goad us into action. Sometimes seen as the trident, it can represent the trinity of body, mind and spirit. Barbed wire might be seen as an entanglement which is not appropriate.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Intellectually, there are two potential meanings. Firstly, we are trying to be too smart. Equally we may be trying to force other people to do something they do not want to do.

A barbed comment is one which is specifically designed to hurt the recipient and can take on this physical representation of a barb or barbed wire in dreams.

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Material aspects: To be surrounded by barbed wire in a dream indicates that we are being prevented from moving forward by either our own, or others’, hurtful remarks.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Gives gender - specific: In both men’s and women’s dreams a barb can suggest aggressive male sexuality, whereas barbed wire is more likely to represent the legendary ‘vagina indentata’ or all-devouring female.

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1. Use caution in communicating in close relationships; avoid harsh words.

2. Feelings of being restricted, often in rela­tionships.

3. Feelings of restricted or censored communication.

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To dream of barbed wire suggests a hindrance to your movement in life

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Boundaries or injuries. See Sting.

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Being caught in barbed wire can indicate a painful entrapment or feelings of having been hurt by someone else’s boundaries. Barbed wire in a dream may indicate.difficulty in getting through to someone.

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Depth Psychology: Barbed wire is a warning to beware of what you think are “little” love affairs—they could endanger your committed relationship.

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To see barbed wire in your dream represents difficulty in breaking through or getting your point across to someone.

To dream that you are caught in barbed wire suggests that you are feeling trapped and restricted in some relationship.

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See Wire. Energy transformation.

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If fishing wire was strongly featured in your dream, you may have concerns about holding some relationship together.

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To dream of wire, denotes that you will make frequent but short journeys which will be to your disparagement. Old or rusty wire, signifies that you will be possessed of a bad temper, which will give troubles to your kindred.

To see a wire fence in your dreams, foretells that you will be cheated in some trade you have in view.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Signal to contact someone.

2. Police may be investigating one.

3. Need to “wrap up” something.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A dream denoting loss of liberty; gold wire, utter poverty; iron wire, drunkenness (Gypsy).

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Vision: Stumbling or falling over a wire: be careful, somebody has set a trap. Seeing barbed wire: a clear warning to be patient until a predicament resolves itself without any effort on your part. Getting caught on a barbed wire fence: a legal argument, or a fight with someone will be very frustrating. See Rope, String.

Depth Psychology: The wire is a symbol of the difficulties and obstacles you may encounter in the next few weeks.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Dreams of a wire may signify that you are feeling electrically connected to someone, feeling the sparks and heat of your chemistry. Also, dreams of wires signify your feelings, thoughts and motivations that take place behind the scenes. Perhaps you are feeling a desire to connect with someone or to rewire your thoughts and feelings in a way that aligns you with higher being.

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Connection to somebody, to another place; or being informed and clever. It is a frequent symbol for nerves and intellectual connection.

An electrical wire usually indicates the tension the dreamer is under.

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Drives and urges must be guided sensibly. This image points to severe nervous tension— or exceptional strength.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Wire cutters may appear in a dream when you need to break a difficult tie with someone or to cut off a difficult communication.

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What we listen to or hear going on around us or inside us; company; other people’s ‘noise’. Inside wireless: our mind; inside oneself.

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see Radio

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
Unexpected good news about money.

Mystic Dream Book by
If you dream of a wireless phone or a wireless connection, then this signifies that you feel connected with someone yet completely free and autonomous. See Cell Phone, Laptop, Microphone and Blackberry.

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See radio

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1. Frustration or confusion.

2. Need to “connect” or understand.

New American Dream Dictionary by
If you see live wires sparking on the ground (such as after a storm), this predicts sudden opposition which you will have to deal with by the use of careful diplomacy. Tread softly and don’t try to force issues for a few weeks.

If you dreamed of cross-circuiting wires, or wires on an appliance or vehicle sending out sparks, you could lose something important due to your carelessness.

To dream of being shocked by a live wire foretells sudden surprising news.

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