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Bagpipes Dream Meanings

What does Bagpipes mean in dream?

Bagpipes | Dream Meanings

To dream of a windbag instrument can symbolize speech that has no value or a speaker without any credibility, Jer. 5:13

Christian Dream Symbols by
To see and / or hear bagpipes being played means that help is coming to you from an unexpected source. Scottish Gypsies put great store in this dream symbol.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream that you play upon bagpipes signifies trouble, contention, and being overthrown at law».

The Complete Dream Book by
As with the most unusual things, when seen in a dream, this musical instrument is not a favourable sign, and in particular it indicates matrimonial worry and difficulty.

Mystic Dream Book by
See music and musical instruments

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
To dream of hearing pleasant music from a bagpipe, signifies good fortune and contentment. But if you dream of hearing unpleasant music from a bagpipe, this is a warning that misfortune will head your way.

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