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Architect Dream Meanings

What does Architect mean in dream?

Architect | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Architects drawing plans in your dreams, denotes a change in your business, which will be likely to result in loss to you.

For a young woman to see an architect, foretells she will meet rebuffs in her aspirations and maneuvers to make a favorable marriage.


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who helps design plans for the lives of others, i.E.

A teacher or minister


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Engineer) An architect in a dream represents both urban developments and urban destruction. He represents joining what is fragmented and breaking up what is whole. Seeing an architect in a dream also signifies trials, evil, calamities and disunity.

If one becomes an architect in a dream, it means longevity because of the architect’s aspirations and he will fulfill his intentions, reach a ranking station and a commanding position in his life.

If one becomes an architect in a dream, it also means that he may become ajudge, or a marriage officiant, or it could represent a poet. Seeing an architect in a dream also signifies richness after poverty and health after sickness. (Also see Artist; Carpet weaver; Graphic artist; Orthopedist)


Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of heavenly wisdom, Prov. 8:30


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Relates to design and in particular to your physical being, if it is a structure being designed; i.e., if a bank or a business is being designed or an architect is planning the design of one, it is probably referring to the design of finance and business in your life and is indicating the direction you are heading into in that arena of life.

If it is a hospital or doctor’s office in design, it is most likely referring to your health and telling you the direction you are heading into there. 


Ariadne's Book of Dream

An architect may appear as a character in a dream to help remodel the house of the soul.

An architect may point to the need for psychological help, appearing as a counselor or another expen who can help you work out psychological issues.


The Complete Dream Book

If she dreams of seeing an architect at wort, a girl of marriageable age may expect to encounter difficulties in finding a suitable mate.

A married person of either sex who dreams of seeing an architect drawing plans should consider it a warning of both financial and marital difficulties.


The Complete Dream Book

To see an architect at work is a sign that you will achieve some minor success.

If you dream of being an architect, it means that you will make a change in your business.


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To see architects in your dream represents a new undertaking that you are about to embark on. You will use your insight and inspiration to make this task successful.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of an architect represent that you are taking responsibility for your life, and are creating the blue print for your dreams and goals. Perhaps you are in the midst of manifesting or building a career or relationship.


My Dream Interpretation

To see an architect in your dream suggests that your creativity is about to come in handy in a new project or endeavor.


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Body parts.

2. Strengths and weaknesses of an individual.