Dream Interpretation Anaesthetic | What does the Anaesthetic symbol mean? | Seeing Anaesthetic in Dream

Anaesthetic Dream Meanings

What does Anaesthetic mean in dream?

Anaesthetic | Dream Meanings

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Death, avoiding painful emotions; entering the unconscious; feeling overpowered.


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- To be anaesthetised in a dream highlights the fact that we are trying to avoid painful emotions, and feeling overpowered by- external circumstances. It also indicates that we are trying, or being forced, to avoid something.

2- We arc numbing - or avoiding something we don’t want to face. We may be creating a situation which requires external management. We perhaps need to be quiescent and let events unfold around us.

3- As with amnesia, an anaesthetic can be a possible indication of death, but usually of part of ourselves.


My Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of being “put under” means the dreamer is ready to let go of a painful experience.