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Amazon Dream Meanings

What does Amazon mean in dream?

Amazon | Dream Meanings


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

A Mysterious and powerful woman 


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Strained relationships with women or towards the feminine in oneself. Desire for, or fear of, female aggressiveness.

For women: a desire for more strength and independence from the masculine.

The dream image of the Amazon always includes the Horse, because Amazons were considered “wild horse women.” The unity between rider and horse is the image of the unity of the feminine and the animalistic.

Implied is a delicate balance between controlling one’s own “wildness” and still “living to the full,” as well as embracing the joy of “wild passion” and “urges.”

Astrology: The astrological sign of Sagittarius.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of Amazon.com represent curiosity and a desire for knowledge, information, and entertainment. Your dream is telling you that all of the information contained within the jungle known as Amazon.com resides within your own mind.


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of Amazons - or to dream about being one - represents life’s challenges and your ability to confront them. You are a strong person with the ability to conquer and rise above your troubles.