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Advance Dream Meanings

What does Advance mean in dream?

Advance | Dream Meanings


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

This dream really means what it says. It is a fortunate omen to dream of advancement whether it involves you or someone else; it signifies satisfaction and success in any important undertaking, and a quick settlement if you have legal matters pending. 


Strangest Dream Explanations

To dream of advancing symbolizes a desire to move forward in your life, and make strides in your career and/or relationship.

If you dream of receiving a financial advance on a project, this represents support, belief in your talents, and that you are taking your dreams and visions seriously. See Raise and Promotion.


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of advancing in any engagement, denotes your rapid ascendency to preferment and to the consummation of affairs of the heart.

To see others advancing, foretells that friends will hold positions of favor near you.


The Complete Dream Book

Business or social advancement is a dream that may be expected to come true, although the need for a continued effort will always be present.


Mystic Dream Book

This is a most favourable sign, and indicates success in some important undertaking. You may be your own master, yet if you dream that you are in some employment and are Advanced, your success is certain. This dream often occurs in connection with legal matters. But if you dream of the lawsuit itself, you will lose.


Indian Interpretation of Dreams

A sign of success in all that you undertake.