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Accusation Dream Meanings

What does Accusation mean in dream?

Accusation | Dream Meanings


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Doubting you. Believing others see your unworthiness as you do. Quarrels, disagreements and scandal are all indicated by this dream.


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Torment; distress; self doubt. If, in your dream, someone points the finger at you, then it is really you doubting yourself.


The Language of Dreams

(see Conversations)

Self-blame or guilt manifesting through the dream. Feeling unjustly accused by others.

A moral conflict. Uncertainty over the true motivations for one’s actions, or those of other people.


Psycho Dream Interpretation

If you are the accuser, you may find yourselfquarreling with your associates.

If you are the accused, malicious scandal may cause you minor embarrassment.


My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of being accused by a female, some upsetting news is on the way. But if you defended yourself or proved your innocence in the dream, then you will overcome the troubles that come.

If the accuser in your dream was a male, you will have more success than you hoped for.

If you dreamed of making an accusation, it is a warning to rethink your personal relationships, because you could be headed for trouble in friendship or romance.